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February 2010

Good Things May Come to Those Who Can’t Wait

by Fawn on February 28, 2010

There’s no denying that we–western society as a whole–want immediate results. Look at the inventions of e-mail, microwave ovens, Pop Tarts, PDAs, and an entire generation of iThings. I swear at my computer whenever I have to wait for it process a command. Never mind pursuing a goal the old fashion way. It’s downright SADD: severe attention deficit disorder.

According to Tara Mohr, we want to feel the success of our goals, now. Jump over to PickTheBrain and learn how to cultivate the feeling you expect in achieving a certain goal. Right now.


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How Santasiero Rocked Me

by Fawn on February 26, 2010

It has been awhile since I’ve exposed myself to the thrill of a live rock concert (concerts, mind you, are different from live music venues found locally on Wednesdays and weekends). But I remember the ear ringing side effects gifted by amplifiers and speakers that only thousands of people, at 50 bucks a head, can collectively buy. Big name headliners like Billy Idol, Rush, U2, Tool–Good God! I’m dating myself–rocked me and literally left me reverberating for days. Listening to your favorite music–at what the boys of Spinal Tap would call volume 11–does the soul good. And yet [click to continue…]


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Running: A Hate-to-Love Relationship

by Fawn on February 23, 2010

Inspired by a program called 100 Day Challenge (seen previously on Me Amoeba), I’m in the middle of an aggressive effort to achieve five specific goals. Goal number six—I know I said five but seven demanded attention—is to “routinely run four consecutive miles in less than eight-minute miles, injury free.” Goal specificity, they say, is a must. Never having run an 8 minute mile before, and still mending a torn ligament that required weeks of RICE and self-prescribed physical therapy [click to continue…]


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BNET Sheds Light on Creating the New You

by Fawn on February 18, 2010

I stumbled over to bnet.com this morning, all groggy and sleepy eyed, and as my vision began to clear I found an informative article on personal reinvention. ”Cool!” I said. Between – endlessly — revising an essay for class, finding a publication(s) to print finished essays, filling out requests for money and university applications, videoing my kitty using the toilet — it’s a marketing ploy, and self loathing, I don’t have time, today, to write an original article.  Perhaps you, my fellow amoebas, can jaunt over and learn what BNET has to say about ”Creating the New You.”


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Less – Really – Is More Theory

February 15, 2010

Whew! What happened? Did you see that? It swooped down, invaded my brain, and took over the Web site … for awhile. I mean, Me Amoeba became them amoeba. My content started looking and sounding like their content, the content of sites with greater readership.  Though I blame others for sounding like a suit these past two weeks, it is [...]

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